Monday, 4 July 2016

#30DaysOfTesting update! Day 4 - Share a Testing Blog!

So it's been a tad difficult to do the challenges over the weekend (had school fete, kids parties etc!), so I've changed things up slightly and am going to do challenge 2, 3 and 4 today...

So, first things first, a photo of work...

Whilst this wasn't today, the premise is still the same, this was of a QA++ training session, where we were going through YAGNI and DRY principles (You Aint Gonna Need It and Don't Repeat Yourself) with regards to Software Development, however these principles can easily be applied to Testing, if you don't need to Test for something then don't do it and if you communicate effectively then there's no need to repeat yourself, so it's an art for sure!

For the listening to the Testing Podcast, I'm going to listen to the latest Testing in The Pub Episode on my way home from work, so will no doubt include that in my next update!

And finally, to share a Testing Blog with a Non Testing Person... I've chosen this one: "Testers get out of the Quality Assurance Business" as it's a topic that's close to our hearts at the moment, as we're going to be debating about whether we are QA or Test in a Community event tomorrow, so that should be interesting! (I'm advocating for Test Engineers obviously!) It's important to choose a blog post that the people reading it will get something out of, and not just read it and think "WTF did I just read!?" I think this blog post offers value to both Testers and Non Testers and will hopefully help them understand what we do!

Whilst it's not great that I didn't manage to do any over the weekend, I did manage to do some reading of my Testing Book (Dear Evil Tester), so that's something... The book itself is interesting and I quite enjoy the humourous writing style, though I'm going to finish it soon, so I may end up getting another one, I'm looking at Explore It! as a number of other people are reading it also!


  1. Nice article... unfortunately the picture of the QA++ session isn't showing... not sure if this counts as #5 Read and comment on a blog post, or #13 Find a user experience bug!

  2. Much better. Now who is that handsome chap at the top of the picture?!