Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Say Yes!

I was talking to a good friend of mine and she was discussing how she's started the year and a new year resolution was for her to not say "No" to things, much like the "Yes Man" movie, unless she physically can't do something, she is trying to say "Yes" to everything that is asked of her.

Whilst this may lead to a busy and stressful time, I also think it's a very positive and good outlook to take. I have to steal a line from one of my favourite movies, Empire Records, being this:

For those that haven't seen it  I can strongly recommend watching it, it's an easy to watch film and has an amazing soundtrack!

However, I digress, there are always a million reasons not to do something, so it's very easy to say "No" to something. Yet, if we all take a "Yes" attitude, so much more would be done.

Where is this leading?

Well I had a "Yes" moment a few months ago, when I volunteered to speak in front of 250+ people (which coincidentally is where I am heading now) about a topic of my choice (technology related). Public speaking is always something that I have wanted to conquer and get even master, so I said "Yes". I'm not going to lie, there have been moments where I have thought...

But having said that, I'm genuinely looking forward to conquering this mini fear and then moving onto other things.

A key factor of the past few months has been deciding on the content for the presentation, and with the audience being a mix of techies and non techies (all University Students as well) it was important that I didn't alienate either. With this in mind I plan on talking about all the people involved in coming up with an idea and going through the development lifecycle and how it ends up on a website.

I will definitely write something about how it went over the next few days, and if it goes well (which I'm sure it will) then I plan on speaking (or at least submitting ideas to speak) at a number of events coming up, so hopefully you'll see and hear much more of me!

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