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TV Quotes applied to Software Engineering.... Quabity Ashuance??

Apologies for the lack of posts recently, I spent last week in Disneyland Paris having a truly awesome time. I am going to be writing another blog post about that at a later date... however as a stop gap...
I was rewatching The US Office for the umpteenth time yesterday and was watching this episode which made me laugh, as I've met some people in Testing/QA (not getting into that debate right now), who this would be perfectly applicable to! They've come into testing just to get paid and are lacking some of the fundamental skills, and do the bare minimum to get by.... And whilst this video in particular is not related to Technology, but I still thought it was funny!

I must admit it is becoming less and less as times move on, maybe it's because I know what I am looking for when hiring good QAs so I tend to cross paths with these people less and less, or maybe (and perhaps far more likely :) ) there is a shift in recognizing QA/Testing as a valuable Career Path so people dev…