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How the Golden Circle can help you become a Great Tester

I was recently watching a TED Talk by Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action... It's a truly inspiring video, and one that I highly recommend you watching it. Like any great video/speech it got me thinking and trying to apply it to my life/world. As you know a lot of my life/world is around testing and so naturally I started asking myself the following questions:

- What helps makes great testers?
- What makes people really appreciate the value of testers?

Now in the video Simon mentions what he calls "The Golden Circle" which you can find a neat little diagram of below:

Using this he helps explain what makes leaders/businesses great, it's not the What of what they are doing? Nor is it necessarily the How? It is in fact the Why of what you are doing.If people can connect and resonate with the Why of what you are doing they are going to follow you, they are doing to buy into your product and appreciate the value you bring even you more so.
This made me think, wh…