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ASOS Testing Community - Coding Challenges #1

Here @ASOS we're trying to build a community for testing, and dare I say it, but it is slowly happening, over the past couple of months we've been getting real traction with regards to a community feel, attendance at our meetups but not just attendance but people voicing opinions and being passionate and wanting to improve themselves. 
Anyway, at the last meeting it was suggested that we do some coding challenges, some quick challenges that anyone can pick up and do, I understand that not everyone understands or knows how to write code, but by adopting a pairing approach it was hoped that everyone would get something from it.

Anyway, a colleague sent me this website: it has a long list of coding challenges that people have completed and whatnot, so I took about the task of finding a suitable coding challenge for the meeting. It was important to choose something that wasn't going to:

a) take too long to complete
b) be too hard to complete

The 5s Methodology to Testing

This morning I finally got round to start reading a new book, a book I've been saying that I'll read for a while, actually this could apply to 2 books, as I've also started reading a non work related book in Game Of Thrones, which I thought might fill up some time between the series starting up again... Game Of Thrones is amazing, you should most definitely read it... however I digress, the book that prompted this blog post is Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship (Robert C. Martin)

Obviously having only started reading it this morning, there's a specific excerpt that caught my attention and one that has made me want to write a blog post... and apologies it's been a while... However, the book talks about the 5S Methodology they apply it to coding principles, and whilst that's still useful for this blog, I wanted to try and apply it to testing principles, so here goes...

For those not familiar with the 5S Methodologies, they are 5 Japanese words…