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Getting QA and Developers working closer together as one

Currently where I work there is a lot of discussions around how we can get the QA members to work closer with the developers, almost as 1. A friend demonstrated what they think, and I agree with the following:

It demonstrates where QA and Developers were 5 years ago, where we are now (where we work, I understand that it will vary dependent on the organisation and the methodology) and where we will "hopefully" be within 2 years. I don't think it's unrealistic, however, people need to have buy in and want to improve themselves.
How can we achieve that though is a big question? I think one of the major hurdles is getting QA and Develoeprs on the same level playing field, get them talking the same talk, help QAs get technical... which leads me to the next image, something that I found on the internet:

We as QAs need to get technical, we need to understand code, we need to understand system architecture, we need to be able to discuss technical solutions with developers th…