Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Company QA Community Blog

I'm thinking of creating a QA Community blog in my current workspace, you may ask why? What would be the benefits of this?

I can think of a number of immediate benefits:
- People within the Community will be more aware of what others are doing by their posts on there
- People can more easily learn from one another, I feel that by writing up about something, even in a blog post you learn more about it yourself, and the people reading the blog post will also learn from it
- It will encourage people who possibly hadn't thought about having their own blog to get involved and contribute

There are also benefits for the wider community in that:
- People will read it, and hopefully contribute to it outside of asos and offer insights into what might work better etc.
- People will read it and want to be a part of it, and thus make the company a more attractive place to work

The biggest hurdle I think will be actually getting people to contribute to it, once it is up and running however I will be sure to share it on here, so everyone can look at it! There's also the problem with the content being the view of the QA member who is posting it and not of the bigger company, but that can easily be avoided.

Does anyone else have a company QA Blog? Any advice on getting it to work and be adopted?


  1. Hi Gareth

    Our company have something like this already set up. Get in touch with me via twitter (@steveo1967) and I can then provide some contact details so we can discuss this in more detail.

  2. We did internal setup a OSQA server (http://www.osqa.net/) as our knowledge 'database', To make people contribute to it, all our internal releases of the software is announced with a mail. In that mail we also mention each time the link to the OSQA server, so that our collegues are aware of it. Of course we also had some kind of presentation of the usage after rolling out that server a few years ago.