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Company QA Community Blog

I'm thinking of creating a QA Community blog in my current workspace, you may ask why? What would be the benefits of this?
I can think of a number of immediate benefits: - People within the Community will be more aware of what others are doing by their posts on there - People can more easily learn from one another, I feel that by writing up about something, even in a blog post you learn more about it yourself, and the people reading the blog post will also learn from it - It will encourage people who possibly hadn't thought about having their own blog to get involved and contribute
There are also benefits for the wider community in that: - People will read it, and hopefully contribute to it outside of asos and offer insights into what might work better etc. - People will read it and want to be a part of it, and thus make the company a more attractive place to work
The biggest hurdle I think will be actually getting people to contribute to it, once it is up and running however…