Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Happy Cake Day to me!

It's about a year since I started writing blogs, so thought it would be nice to look back and say how blogging has improved me.

Firstly, there have been numerous times when I've thought I wrote a blog post about that, let me dig it out, and use it as my own reference or even for someone else, so it has definitely made things like that easier.

It has also made me more knowledgeable about topics that I have written about, if I'm going to write a blog post about something I want to be sure that:
  • I know what I am talking about
  • It's all correct
  • It's articulated in a way that people will understand
That's lead to me researching things more, and actually delving outside of my comfort zone a little bit.

Then there's reading other peoples blogs to ensure that I'm not just copying what others have written, so becoming more knowledgeable that way, reading other blogs also helps give me ideas about what to write about and ensures that I don't run out of ideas :p

There's also the coding type of blogs that I've written, which I've often looked back on and used as reference for future work. Hopefully others have found them interesting and useful.

I thought I'd put my 3 favourite blogs that I've written over the past year here as well, almost like a highlight reel :)

So in nor particular order:
  • Mindset of a Tester -I had a lot of fun writing this blog post, it's about football and testing, so it was nice to think outside of the box a little bit and apply something to do with a hobby to my job.
  • Performance Testing 101 - I often find myself coming back to this post more than others, just to refresh my brain on the different types of performance testing, so it has definitely come in useful. It's also got the most number of page views of any blog post that I've done.
  • Testing and American Football - A comparison - This was probably the most fun blog post to write, and it's just meant as a bit of fun to read, so don't take it too seriously!
It's definitely been a fun journey, and the above really are only a selection of the highlights that I've written about over the year!

May the next year bring as much fun and interesting posts as the previous!

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