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Are you a Tester or a QA Engineer?

When I first started out in the Software QA world, my job title was a Test Analyst, which I disagreed with, we weren't just testing software, in my eyes we were doing far more than that, and still are.I often hear people talk about software testing and QA in the same sentence as much the same thing.

They are not the same thing!!

By QA I mean, as I'm sure you're aware, Quality Assurance. Testing can form a part of that QA as an activity to help ensure quality, but they are not and should never be classified as the same thing.

Testing to me, is the physical act of ensuring that software works correctly, and that tests pass. QA is more around ensuring quality in the product, not just through testing the code, but from discovery, requirements gathering, test case design and test case review.

As a QA we shouldn't just accept requirements as they are written, we shouldn't just accept design documents, we need to provide a quality gate throughout the life of a project. If…