Friday, 28 June 2013

Career influences

This isn't necessary a QA centric post, but I felt that it's something that has affected me and I feel like I should say.

We all have career influences in life, people who we meet throughout our career who have a profound affect on the actual career path that we take. 

I am soon going to say goodbye (in that she left the company) to one of these people, she was someone who would always push me to do my best, and is partly the reason why you are reading this blog. She pushed me to get into blogging (along with others, and you can read her blog here), but she's had a major impact on my career and as such my family.

She's someone who really pushed upper management to recognise my talents, and helped them come up with a 6 month career development plan that I hope will get me to where I want to be. I owe her so much gratitude, and I don't think she realises just how much everything she has done for me actually means. (And to think she's not even a tester!) 

I will miss her an awful lot, and my company will miss her too, but there comes a time in everyones life when they have to move on. Hopefully our paths will cross again!

I hope one day I can have a similar effect on some people, but right now I'm eternally grateful for all that she has done for me, and I am sure that we will remain friends.

There have been other people who have had major influences on my career another person was someone who I met at a Hedge Fund, when I hadn't been in testing for long, but he made me realise that I could do so much with my skills, and made me realise that I am better than a lot of other testers out there. He made me believe in myself, and helped me on a personal level too with regards to buying my first house.

Let's not forget, another major influence and someone who will always be a major influence, my wife (I'd have got told off otherwise!)! Who has given me great support and given me the drive to be the best I can on a personal and professional level to provide for my family.

So, who's been your major influence on your career so far (like me it doesn't have to be a QA professional)? How do you think you've influenced peoples career for the better?


  1. Thanks for sharing wonderful post..It reminded my first company and my team including my managers and VP - They gave me the support to grew up in my professional and personal career.

    1. No problem, hopefully you will find more career influences as your career grows in QA. :)

  2. Gareth, you are very lucky to have someone like that. Yes, I have my wife and parents to support me in my personal life but none in professional life yet. I am very jealous about this, but I guess it mostly got to do with hard work.

    All the best for your future!

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