Tuesday, 30 April 2013

NxtGenTesting Conference

I've just bought my ticket for the NxtGenTesting Conference on May 23rd. A number of talks are appealing to me, but these are just some of the highlights for me personally and why:

  • Building agile automated test scripts with Selenium WebDriver - This is a big highlight for me, and reason enough to go alone in my eyes. I've got a fair amount of experience with Selenium WebDriver, but only in one company, so I'm really looking forward to seeing how other people do it and to discuss the pros and cons of each approach.
  • Mobile Testing - Obviously with such an increased amount of traffic coming through mobile devices to any website and with mobile browsing predicted by some to overtake fixed internet browsing in 2014, I'm interested to see how we can ensure they have the best experience as possible, but obviously this means testing on a number of new devices and OS, how can we manage that? I have a few ideas, mainly about prioritising user traffic and browser engines based on visits, but i'm interested to see how other people are going to achieve this, and more importantly make it manageable.
  • What new skills should testers be acquiring and gathering - I'm always interested to learn new things, and discover what new technologies are out there, so will be paying special attention to this one, I'm also interested in what other testers deem to be important for their field, and I can hopefully share what I know and what I think are good skills for a tester to have.
There's also a number of speakers who I'm interested in hearing speak, having followed their blogs and agreeing with a lot of what they say, for instance I've linked to Paul Gerrards blog in the past (namely this post here), and he's speaking, so I'll be sure to listen to what he has to say.

All in all I'm pretty excited!

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