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Start with the End in Mind - My first presentation at a tech meetup!

I was at a football coaching session the other night, and some other coaches put on a training session for us, so that we could learn and critique it. This is not an easy thing to do, to put something on for your peers and open yourself up to criticism is a difficult thing to do. One of the comments from the president of the club was that in order to develop yourself you need to push yourself and step outside of your comfort zone which it was evident that these coaches were doing.

I took this to heart in many ways, a few weeks ago I signed up to do a presentation at a meetup that was only a couple of meetups old, The QE Roundabout. I was in contact with Zoe Canning (the event organiser) and I knew it was something I wanted to do, but it's like anything, saying you want to do something and then putting yourself in a position to do it are sometimes two very different things. Anyway, I volunteered to do one, the theme was Automation & Architecture, and we were free to talk about…
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Tech Develops - A day dedicated to YOU!

Working in Tech, it can be difficult to find the time to further improve yourself, you're focused a lot on delivery, and it can be hard to drag yourself away from it and spend time on delivering an improved you. This is why some companies are starting to have time dedicated to your personal development, where people drop tools and do a personal project or watch some tutorials.

Luckily working at ASOS we get the last Friday of every month to focus on this! Last Friday we held what we call a "Tech Develops" day, where as an employee of ASOS and working in Technology, In the week running up to it we decided it would be a good idea to have a platform where people could stand up and perform a 99 Second Talk about anything they please. We had 12 people sign up to it, and we had talks ranging from the technical (Git-Bisect) to a Conference review (UKStar).

The first talk was an informative talk about Git Bisect and how it's used and why because of it, it's important to …

What I learnt by NOT going to TestBash!

I've seen many blog posts about people posting about what they learnt by going to TestBash. It made me think about what I have learnt by NOT going to TestBash this year....

Firstly, I attended TestBash Brighton last year. I loved it, I learnt so much and came back passionate and engaged with the Testing Community. Over the course of the year however, my work changed significantly and I wasn't doing as much testing as I was before.

When TestBash came around this year, I had 3 QAs who asked about going. I said to them "Definitely go", we got the funding and got them tickets and off they went. I don't think they realised why I was so passionate about them going, and about how I was "gutted" that I wasn't going!

So with 3 of the QAs who I work with being there, I was in constant communication with them, checking in on how it was going, what cool things have they learnt... They even brought me back an MoT Calendar and some TestSphere Cards! But that isn&…

Be the Positive Tester!

Being positive is becoming increasingly difficult, in a world where negativity is all around us in the form of News reports, just looking at a popular news feed a large portion of the articles are of a negative nature or in a negative tone, then there's the fact that people love to moan or gossip about someone not doing what they are supposed to do and similarly people are far more likely to leave a negative review for a product or service than they are a positive one! So how can I be more positive and why does it matter? All I do is test?

Firstly, never ever say or think "All I do is test", you do so much more, and we all do so much more, it's about showing everyone just how awesome we can be and how great we are!

Secondly, why does it matter? Well a Tester can have every attribute that is needed to be a Tester, but if they have a negative attitude it can all be for nothing. I've found that by merely having  a positive attidue it can take an Okay Tester and turn…

Unmentioned skill of any Engineer - Being able to Google!!!

I've blogged elsewhere about what I look for when hiring QA Engineers, and it's full of useful things that I think are important in being a good QA Engineer/Tester.

One thing that is often overlooked and probably not really spoken off much, especially when hiring or looking for a new job, is something that is potentially extremely important when it comes to being a successful Engineer, and that is the ability to find out information. For most people this is being able to "Google" for something, or use Stack Overflow to find out a solution to a problem.

You could argue (and rightly so) that the ability to Problem Solve is what we are talking about, and you'd be right, but this is specifically really about being able to use Google effectively to find the answer you are looking for.

Why is being able to Google important?

There are a number of reasons for this:

1- Being able to structure your search query appropriately is important and can save time sifting through r…

#30DaysOfTesting update! Day 4 - Share a Testing Blog!

So it's been a tad difficult to do the challenges over the weekend (had school fete, kids parties etc!), so I've changed things up slightly and am going to do challenge 2, 3 and 4 today...

So, first things first, a photo of work...

Whilst this wasn't today, the premise is still the same, this was of a QA++ training session, where we were going through YAGNI and DRY principles (You Aint Gonna Need It and Don't Repeat Yourself) with regards to Software Development, however these principles can easily be applied to Testing, if you don't need to Test for something then don't do it and if you communicate effectively then there's no need to repeat yourself, so it's an art for sure!

For the listening to the Testing Podcast, I'm going to listen to the latest Testing in The Pub Episode on my way home from work, so will no doubt include that in my next update!

And finally, to share a Testing Blog with a Non Testing Person... I've chosen this one: "Te…

30 Days Of Testing - 30 Challenges over 30 Days!

I've decided to attempt to do the Ministry Of Testings 30 Days of Testing Challenges over the month of July, which will be erm... challenging! (duh!)

For those that don't know what it is, you can read about it here and the challenges are below:

The first challenge is to read a Testing Book, the book I've chosen is "Dear Evil Tester" by the one and only Alan Richardson. So I will start reading that on Friday and then take it from there!

I'll try and write some posts that will update, but if you're reading this, and it sounds interesting to you, then my advice to you is to do it! It's only 30 days, you'll learn loads of stuff and it's fun!

Remember, a quote from Empire Records, "I do not regret the things I have done, but those I did not do"